About Us

Earthbound Lifestyle is the ideal one-stop shop for all your gifting needs (or for a personal pamper without the guilt of a hefty price tag), offering a wide range of premium products, from home fragrances (candles and diffusers), to bath and body treats, bespoke home décor and curated gift sets, with scents designed to take you on a sensory journey to exotic destinations.

The name Earthbound had been part of the Beauty Factory brand as one of many ranges - but that changed in November 2019. Given there was nothing factory about the stores, the quality of the products, the old Beauty Factory was split into two subsidiaries:

Earthbound Lifestyle and Beauty Factory Outlet

With Earthbound Lifestyle’s founding belief that neither beautiful products nor ground-breaking technologies need to be expensive. The Brand’s ethics and values are strongly rooted in great customer service as well as the brands commitment in creating products that are designed for life, inspired by nature whilst remaining affordable. #hometoafforableluxuries