Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffuser Grey Vetiver

Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffuser Grey Vetiver

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Votivo, is a LA-based luxury home fragrance brand that has established a global reputation for quality fragrances and distinctive packaging.  Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffusers transform any room in your home or office into a luxurious sensory experience.


Porous wooden reeds absorb the solution and disperse it throughout the entire surrounding area. A sophisticated addition to any space, the elegant glass design with hand-pressed pewter seal makes a great touch to your decor.

Votivo Grey Vetiver is a sleek, sophisticated fragrance described as “woodsy” with “an enticing mixture of birch and vetiver (Grass), and a touch of grapefruit.” It’s an elegantly clean and fresh room fragrance that is not at all floral but rather embodies “the alluring mystique of gallant masculinity.”

The Votivo natural fibre reed diffuser diffuses for up to 120 days with no need to flip the reeds!

Take advantage of the special launch discount price and try this wonderful luxury scented product for yourself! Or, purchase it as a gift for someone special.